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1 an impression that something might be the case; "he had an intuition that something had gone wrong" [syn: intuition, hunch]
2 doubt about someone's honesty [syn: misgiving, mistrust, distrust]
3 the state of being suspected; "he tried to shield me from suspicion"
4 being of a suspicious nature; "his suspiciousness destroyed his marriage" [syn: suspiciousness]

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  1. The act of suspecting something or someone, especially of something wrong.
  2. The condition of being suspected.
  3. Uncertainty, doubt.
  4. A trace, or slight indication.
    a suspicion of a smile
  5. The imagining of something without evidence.


act of suspecting something or someone, especially of something wrong
  • Czech: podezření
  • Finnish: epäily
  • Hungarian: gyanú
  • Japanese: 疑い
  • Russian: подозрение (podozr'énije)
condition of being suspected
uncertainty, doubt
  • Finnish: epäilys
  • Japanese: qualifier general 疑い; qualifier formal 疑惑
slight indication
imagining without evidence

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